Sunday, October 21, 2012

Absence and the Heart

It's true what they say. I haven't spun in quite a long time because I've been so focused on finishing up my Fall for Tosh sweater, and I've been missing my wheel. The sweater in question is very nearly finished (about four rows on the second button band, eight buttons to sew on, and a handful of ends to weave in), so I sat down at my Lendrum this afternoon for a bit to get reacquainted. It needed some oil, not surprisingly, but was most obliging to me while I worked on a CMF club shipment (July's, in Portuguese wool top). I didn't love the colors in the fiber, but they're growing on me as I spin.

Technically, this is a regional merino, though it's not supersoft. It's spinning up quite nicely, though, and should have a bit of loft when it's plied. I'm suddenly feeling a bit of urgency to get it done because the next shipment arrived while we were on vacation:

This is Clun Forest, and for a nice change it's in roving form rather than top, so I can use it to practice my woolen spinning. This may be my last shipment for quite a while; I believe the club will be continuing for the rest of the year, but I may opt out because I still have so much fiber stashed to spin. I'll wait and see what the fiber choices are first, but I'd be perfectly happy to spin through what I've already got for a while, particularly as I've been hoarding some of it.

As for knitting this week, as soon as I finish up my Calligraphy Cardigan, which should be this evening, I'll be casting on for a Hiro Petite for Rainbow. I swatched last night in the car going to and from a friend's chili cook-off -- don't you just love big needles and thicker yarn?

My stitch gauge is spot on with size 7s (my row gauge is close enough). I have a feeling that this will be a very quick and fun knit!

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