Thursday, October 25, 2012

Smaller Scale

I'm still on my sweater kick, but I thought that, seeing as I already have two sweaters for myself on the needles, I'd make my next one a slightly smaller size -- specifically, a size to fit Rainbow.

About a month ago, when she was sick with a virus that left her feeling pretty rotten, I thought I'd distract her by plopping her in front of the computer and showing her ideas for a sweater. She gave me some specifics (namely that she wanted a cardigan rather than a pullover and something with multiple colors) and we looked at search results. Her pick was Hiro Petite, a pattern I'd favorited when it was released. A week later, we took a trip to the LYS to select yarn. I gave her two choices based on what was the right gauge and washable, and she picked Berroco Vintage, which I'd worked with once before. It should come as no surprise that she picked a shade of purple as the main color!

I finally cast on for the sweater on Tuesday night, having swatched over the weekend, and it's moving along at a pretty good clip. I'm in the almost-mindless point now, working in stockinette with a few decreases here and there, though I'm sure once I get to the colorwork yoke I'll really start flying through it. It's such a nice change to be working on a sweater for her (much as I love knitting them for myself) and especially rewarding knowing that she's emotionally invested in it. I'm very much looking forward to the day when she's old enough to learn how to knit so we can knit sweaters together.

For her part, Rainbow's very excited about it and keeps asking me if it's done yet. Knit faster, Mommy, knit faster!

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  1. I just knit 2 sweaters for my daughter at the end of summer (one was my Ravellenic project) - the first sweaters she's ever gotten from me! I loved having her input on colors and, in one case, the embroidered design. She's refusing to wear them now because they are not dresses, but I'm hoping when the snow comes she'll get over that.

    As for learning to knit - she has finally asked me to teach her! But she's 4. And uncoordinated. So I think she'll get a basic lesson for now...