Thursday, October 18, 2012

Too Ambitious

We got back from out trip last night, and it appears that I was a bit overambitious in my selection of knitting projects to take. I ditched the hat project the night before we left after I had gauge problems, so it was just my Peckish sample for Knit Picks and a skein of handspun to become socks. The latter went into my checked bag and was untouched for the entire course of the trip. Though I spent much of the two four-hour flights working on the shawl, I actually spent very little time knitting while we were there. We spent most of the trip walking around and exploring or by the pool -- neither of which was very conducive to knitting. I finished up the last of the border on the shawl today, so tonight is all about weaving in ends and blocking. I'm hoping to take photos and get this in the mail this weekend.

We've officially entered bad lighting season

Tomorrow I plan to spend the day at my LYS, finishing (or getting close to finishing) my Calligraphy Cardigan. I have half a sleeve and button bands left, so I should be able to wrap things up by the time I have to go back to work!

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Megan said...

Getting Peckish done is a good enough job! I'm glad to hear you were too busy having fun to knit. While I know you love knitting, it's good to take a real vacation and do NOTHING.

So tell much did you win?!