Sunday, December 09, 2012

All Over the Place

I am, primarily, a worsted-style spinner. It's not the most efficient/fastest way of spinning, and the yarn I get is certainly dense, but it's how I like to spin, for the most part. Occasionally I'll push myself outside my comfort zone and spun woolen, like when I happen to get roving rather than top. That was the case with the October fiber club shipment from Crown Mountain Farms.

This shipment was 4 oz. of Clun Forest roving. This was a new-to-me fiber, and it looked to be relatively short stapled, so I decided that, given the prep, it would be a good choice to use it to practice my long draw technique. I split the fiber into halves and spun up each half in a relatively short spinning section (only about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes each). I think this may have been the first time it ever took me longer to ply a yarn than it took me to spin the singles.

The finished yarn is about 205 yards.

The title of this post refers to the consistency (or lack thereof) of this yarn -- it's really all over the place, ranging from fingering in some spots to super bulky in others. Still, this may be the fluffiest, squishiest skein I've ever spun. I so wish you could reach into the screen to give this hank a good squeeze! I have absolutely no idea what to do with this yarn (I'm a broken record, I know), but for now I'll be satisfied to hug it.


  1. I think it goes under the heading Comfort Yarn. It's a lot better than eating a bowel of mashed potatoes...

  2. it looks so soft and squishy! I agree with Stripeyspots ^