Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Habeas Corpus

This weekend, after finishing up that last skein of handspun, I really put my nose to the grindstone on my Chandail. I spent Sunday afternoon washing up several more loads of fleece and got in two or three rows in between every change of the water. By Sunday night, I'd finished the body (hence the title of this post -- I now have the body, if you will).

Last night, once I finally got Rainbow to sleep (the Mister is traveling for work this week, which means that both of us have difficulty falling asleep), I put the body stitches on waste yarn and cast on for sleeve number one. By the time I went to bed, I'd completed the 3.5 inches of ribbing on the cuff and started in on the cable pattern. The sleeves should go very quickly, or at least faster than the body.

Of course, now we've reached the inevitable point in the sweater where I start to worry about my yarn supply. I had to join in the third and fourth skeins of yarn to finish the body (so it used a full two skeins), so I'm using the fifth and sixth for the arms -- and six is all I've got. I keep reminding myself that sleeves do not use nearly as much yarn as the body and that the last time I knit one of Triona's patterns I had plenty of yarn leftover. There's always the tactic of knitting faster so that I finish before my yarn runs out, too.


  1. Haha - knitting faster so you finish before your yarn runs out! I've never heard that said, but YES - I do that! Just like I drive faster when I'm low on gas. How ridiculous is that?! At least I'm not like my mom - she used to turn off the radio when the gas was low!

    This sweater is looking GORGEOUS and I'm becoming convinced that I should make one!

  2. Ok, now I want to go and order purple yarn. What a shade!