Sunday, February 03, 2013

Mix It Up

After spinning up all that laceweight, I thought I should do something pretty thick and quick next. I had 8 oz. of Falkland top in my stash that I'd bought at different times from Cosy (4 oz. at a time). They weren't the same but had the same overall look to them, so I thought it would be fun to spin each batch of fiber up on its own bobbin and then ply them together (my miniSpinner bobbins can handle 8 oz., so I thought I'd take advantage of that).

I started with this braid on Friday night.

It was so pretty on the bobbin as it was in progress that it almost seemed a shame to ply it or even take it off. But as I only have four of these bobbins, it will be plied.

I started on Friday night and was done with it by yesterday afternoon, thanks in no small part to the fact that my Downton Abbey season 3 DVD set arrived on Friday and had me glued to the laptop all evening.

Last night I started in on the second braid of fiber. It's not nearly as colorful, but I think this more muted colorway will compliment the brighter colors in the other braid well.

CosySpins Falkland

This braid, unfortunately, appears to not have been rinsed completely, so my hands were pretty black when I finished my spinning session last night. I estimate I'm about a third of the way done.

If I can find the time this afternoon or tonight, I'll try to get as much done of what's left as I can. I think this afternoon is for washing fleece, though. We're planning on finishing our now unfinished basement in a month or two, so I've got to get the fleece clean!

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Sasha said...

So pretty as always!!! That's a shame that your second braid wasn't rinsed completely :(