Sunday, August 31, 2014

I Put It Off Long Enough

Spinning laceweight yarn is truly an exercise in endurance. First, you have to spin the singles, which of course have to be very fine if the finished yarn is going to be thin. That, for me at least, can take quite a while. When you finished that, you then have to get yourself mentally and physically ready to deal with all you've spun again as you ply. In my case, I started spinning some Bee Mice Elf mixed BFL/silk on one of the last days of the Tour de Fleece. Here's what it looked like to refresh your memory:

Normally I'd use my miniSpinner to ply, but I had the itch to start spinning up some other pretty fiber on it, so the two bobbins sat. Today, I decided it was finally time to start plying. A couple of girlfriends were coming over for the afternoon to knit and spin while the Mister took Rainbow to a birthday party, so it was the perfect excuse to sit at the wheel for several hours. Here's how the bobbin looked about halfway through:

I'm not finished yet, but I can see the end in sight, so I'm hoping to finish, skein, and wash tomorrow while we're off for the holiday. It will feel great to start a new month with a new skein of handspun!

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