Sunday, August 28, 2016

Slow Road

I don't have much spinning to share this week, mainly because I just haven't done much spinning this past week. I've been focusing mainly on knitting, which has resulted in lots of knitting getting done, but my wheel has been sadly neglected. I did put in some time on Friday night and a bit yesterday and today. Unfortunately, given the thinness of my singles, the bobbin doesn't look that much different:

Poor lighting courtesy of severe thunderstorms

I can tell that I've made some progress because the ball of pencil roving is noticeably smaller. It's a nice change to be spinning from pencil roving compared to even stripped down top. This stuff spins so fast, so you feel like you make a lot of progress even if the bobbin doesn't seem to be filling.

I'll continue to plod on with this spin this week, and with any luck, I'll have a finished skein next weekend!

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