Thursday, October 06, 2016

It's Not Much, but It's Something

There's nothing like looking at Instagram pictures of other people's Spinzilla progress to make you feel rather inadequate about your own spinning. There's a certain someone I know (coughcough) who had already spun up something like a pound and a half of fiber after only two days. Me? I've finished a whopping 4 oz.

This fiber does not want me to take a focused photo of it, for some reason

The first bobbin of singles was finished up last night and I immediately started the second. My hope is to be able to finish that second bobbin of singles and ply the two together by the end of the weekend. If I get that done before my Spinzilla time runs out, I may start the third bobbin, but I'm not going to kill myself. If anything, I just want to use the momentum of all the spinning I've been doing to finish up the whole project. But I have a feeling my hands might need a bit of a break after all the spinning this week!

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