Sunday, October 09, 2016

Winding Down and Winding Off

Spinzilla officially ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. I will not be staying up late to get in extra spinning tonight (I have to be up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to get ready for work, after all), but I've done my best to do as much spinning this weekend as possible. Rainbow went off for an afternoon at a local farm and a sleepover with my in-laws yesterday, so I had no compunction about spending pretty much all afternoon at my wheel. I'd managed to finish up the last of the singles on my second bobbin yesterday morning, so I started plying. I spent a good solid three hours at the wheel in the afternoon, plus about another hour in the evening, and still had to finish up today. But the monster 8 oz. skein is all done:

The Spinzilla rules seem to imply that washing/finishing isn't necessary for counting yardage, so I'm going strictly by the number of wraps on my niddy noddy for this one. I ended up with 847 yards of plied yarn, so with plying credit, my total Spinzilla yardage for this skein is 2,541 yards.

I didn't think I'd get through another 4 oz. of this fiber just today, but I didn't want to waste the spinning time I had this afternoon, so I pulled out the batt I made at the fiber collective a couple of weeks ago and did a quick and dirty spin:

Flash required because it was just finished at 9 p.m.!

This little skein is 139 yards, for 417 yards of Spinzilla credit.

Finally, I never showed you the skein I finished plying up last weekend when I was clearing off my bobbins. This is the second half of the 8 oz. of Crown Mountain Farms Corriedale in Silk Road. I spun it exactly the same as the first half and ended up with almost exactly the same amount of yarn -- 519 yards of chain-plied fingering weight (as compared to 525 in the first skein):

Just to prove that there are in fact two, here are both together:

I think I did Spinzilla right this year. I didn't overdo it, and I got yarn spun in a short period of time that probably would have taken me a long time to finish had I hadn't been focusing on spinning so much. I think I'll try to finish the rest of the blended merino in the next couple of weeks, but I will admit that I'm eager to get back to my knitting. It's gotten noticeably more fall-like in the past week or so, and Rainbow's going to need her school sweater. And I think it's probably time to start thinking about holiday knitting!

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