Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Last 4 oz. Are the Hardest

Another week, another bobbin of blended merino singles. I didn't spin much this past week, and I didn't spin as much as I'm planned to this weekend (I had to make an unexpected trip to the airport last night, so I missed all of my craft time), so I'm still working on the fourth and final bobbin of my Blue Footed Booby singles. Here's a gratuitous bobbin shot, though it'll look just like all the previous ones:

I would estimate that I'm one good evening of spinning away from finishing this one up, and that might just happen tomorrow evening.

In the meantime, I just might know what's going on the bobbin next. My August Southern Cross Fibre shipment showed up on Thursday, and it's a real beauty -- 65% merino/35% mulberry silk in a colorway called Big Sky.

I already know how I want to spin this: traditional three ply, aiming for DK-ish weight. Then I want to use it to knit myself a hat or cowl. Of course, I'll have to stop nuzzling the fiber to accomplish this, so there might be a slight flaw in my plan.

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