Thursday, March 16, 2017

Status Quo

I fear my knitting this week is fairly unexciting. I've been spending most of my time on knitting I can't show you (it's a design commission that has to stay secret until it's published), so my only real progress that I can share with you has been on my Cape Cod Socks.

These are actually getting close to being done, in large part thanks to the fact that last night I finally got to go to knit night at the Steel City Fiber Collective again. I've been trying to go for the past few weeks, but the Mister's work schedule has prevented it. Last night I managed to get through the entire gusset and get a bit of foot done, and after knitting during lunch today, I only have one repeat left on the foot and the toe remaining before I have a finished pair.

Should I feel the need to cast on another pair right away, I have some choices now -- and here's where I have to admit that I did buy some yarn last week when Rainbow and I visited Knitsburgh. Rainbow actually spotted this skein first, and I liked it so much that it had to come home with me (along with some wool wash, which I was really in need of and had intended to purchase):

This is Online Supersocke. It's self-patterning and one of those wear-like-iron wool/nylon blends, so the socks will likely be indestructible. I'm thinking that this will be good for the spring break trip that Rainbow and I will be taking to Florida the week after next (we're headed down with my parents; the Mister has a work trip during that week and can't make it).

We've got very little planned for the weekend ahead, and I'm planning on taking advantage of that. In addition to knitting and spinning, I have about 200 pages left to read in my book (of about 1,150 total), and I'd really like to finish it before we go on our trip so I can take a couple of shorter books with me. And I suppose part of the weekend should be spent planning the most important part of the trip -- what knitting I'm taking with me!

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  1. Have a fantastic week! I love that ON line sock yarn! Great colors!