Thursday, May 23, 2019

Miles (of Stockinette) to Go

We are almost to the long holiday weekend (it's Memorial Day here in the States on Monday, which means most schools and offices are closed), and I'm very much looking forward to it. My office is even closing early tomorrow afternoon, so I plan to squeeze in an extra hour or so of crafting.

I haven't shared a photo recently of Rainbow's Little Boxy, so here you are:

Though I spent some time trying to tweak this photo, I still haven't gotten the color right; it's more of a teal than a turquoise. It may be our duvet cover messing with the color or perhaps the early morning light in our bedroom. One day, I'll get it right. In any case, I've been making some decent progress on this lately. The progress marker shows where I was when I started knitting on Monday night. When I measured the body before putting the project away last night, it was measuring about 8.5 in. I need to get to 13.5 in. before I start working flat for the front and back, so I'm now more than halfway there.

I am alternating skeins as I always do with a hand-dyed yarn, but for the first time I'm trying what may or may not be helical knitting -- in other words, rather than twisting the strands as I switch from one to the other, I'm simply picking up the new strand and dropping the old one. I'm finding that I'm getting a little bit of a line from the resulting tension issues.

I'm hoping that the tension will even out with blocking and the line won't be as obvious. Has anyone had experience with this? Can you give me some tips or advice on how to minimize it?

The arrival of Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer as well as the start to Mary's Summer Book Bingo. I've watched some other bloggers participate in past years, but this year I've decided to take part myself. I already printed out my bingo card, and as you can see, I'm already planning to complete one square -- hopefully this weekend!

In addition to reading and crafting this weekend, I hope to spend a little bit of time going through my "want to read" list and seeing what I can match up with bingo squares.

Whatever you have planned for this weekend, I hope you enjoy it!


  1. I have not had that issue with helical knitting (but I think that my knitting is a tiny bit loose - so that could be why?)

    And!! I am so excited that you are joining along for Summer Book Bingo!

  2. It looks like you're swapping yarn at the same place on each round, which can lead to some tension issues. The trick with helical knitting is that the place where you switch yarns travels around the garment. I'm not sure I'd be able to explain the process well in writing, but here is a great video tutorial from Babbles Travelling Yarns: Good luck!

  3. Liz T1:53 PM

    Happy Long Welcome to Summer Weekend!
    It will be interesting to hear about your reads and where they match up to your bingo card.

  4. You do have plenty of stockinette to go, but you are making progress! Are you one of those clever people that can read and knit at the same time? Wishing you lots of crafting, reading, and relaxing time this weekend!

  5. oh I'm so glad Ellen shared a link ... did you try what it shows? and I'm so glad you're playing along with Bingo - looks like you drew an excellent card!