Thursday, November 09, 2006

Got Cute?

What a week it has been, and there's still another day left to go. Tuesday evening my mother and I went to meet with the florist for the wedding. He was delightful, and his dog sat in on our meeting and was just adorable (just go take a look). My dad was out of town and my mom was all alone, so I stayed at her place and we had a little girls' slumber party. Since I couldn't very well take her Clapotis to work on, I finished my first Pumpkin Pie Sock (pictures to come).

The other holiday gifts are coming along. I have a little less than two straight rows repeats left on the Clapotis before I can start decreasing. I'm also probably 2/3 done with the first giant -- and I mean giant! -- sock that will be felted for the brother-to-be. I also started socks for my dad, simple basic stockinette ones in a muted blue (same pattern as these).

I'm sure you're wondering just what cute thing I have for you this evening. I promise, it's good. Remember this sweater? We were supposed to get a chance to visit with baby Finn, for whom it was knit, but it never materialized. I was worried that I'd sat on the sweater for so long that by the time we got it to him he'd have outgrown it, but as it turns out I just have no conception of just how small babies are. J delivered the sweater to Finn's dad, and shortly thereafter I received a thank-you note with this little bundle of cuteness:

I know the photo quality isn't wonderful (I had to scan it, so it'd be all blurry if it's enlarged at all), but you can clearly see that there is plenty of room for him to grow. Is this a happy baby or what?

That's all the knitting content I got for tonight. I'm off to go do the happy dance, eat my extremely gourmet dinner of mac and cheese, watch celebrity Jeopardy!, and try to get through the rest of those straight rows.

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