Monday, January 08, 2007

Bad Knitter

I am a very bad knitter. Why, you ask? Simple: today I cheated on my yarn diet.

In my defense, the yarn I purchased today is not really for me. No, I was seduced by and gave in to the allure of the wool because of my desire to keep my beloved warm during the cold winter months (especially now that he's in the Windy City during the week).

Let me back up a bit. On Saturday afternoon, we were out shopping and J asked to make a stop at Banana Republic. He'd been in one in Chicago earlier in the week and had carried around a sweater he liked for half an hour before he remembered that he could buy the same sweater here and not pay tax. I immediately laughed when he showed me the sweater, because it was a simple stockinette with a rolled collar knit in cotton at a gauge of about 4 sts/inch. He decided to buy this one, but asked if I could knit him another one he'd looked at, a zip-up ribbed cardigan with a slight turtleneck -- ironically very similar to a pattern I'd shown him months ago.

So one thing led to another, I showed him yarn colors, and the next thing I know I'm ordering an armful of Cascade 220. With any luck, by next week I'll be casting on (on size 9 needles -- ginormous!) for the Cambridge Jacket from the summer 2006 Interweave Knits. Sweater curse be damned!

Am I weak, or do I just really love my man so much I'll cheat? You be the judge (I'll do the knitting).


  1. Cool. Where do get Cascade online? I've ordered stuff from Patternworks before, but they're not the cheapest.

  2. my husband does not want a sweater at all. Nope no way. I guess that means more knitting for me.

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    No, you're not a Bad Knitter. There is no such thing as a yarn diet. All diets don't start till tomorrow. Get it? Tomorrow.

    Unless you're like me, naturally anorexic. It applies to food as well for me.

  4. Yarn diets don't count when you are buying yarn to keep loved ones warm. The end. :)