Thursday, May 24, 2007

Foot or Hoof?

This sock is probably the fastest lace pattern ever. Look! A completed sock!

I cast on this sock Sunday night, didn't work on it at all except for a couple rounds on Tuesday (because I was working on finishing up the Grasshopper Socks), and finished last night while watching the Lost season finale. As I was knitting the toe, I wasn't liking it. I found the p2togs at the end of each needle to be fiddly, and I thought that the toe looked better suited to a hoof than a human foot. Plus, I've never been wild about toes that end up with only a small number of stitches and the thread pulled through all of them; call me nuts, but I love to kitchener.

However, as soon as I was done and the ends were woven in and I tried on the sock to see how it looked with the lace pattern stretched out I found that I loved it. The purl stitches complete the last leaves on the sock and it makes for a very unique look. It also fits well, surprisingly so. And, conveniently, following the pattern as written makes a sock exactly the right left for the recipient's foot (and mine, as you can see).

I've already cast on for the second sock and have completed the cuff. With the long weekend coming up, I should have no problem finishing these up in the next few days. Then perhaps I'll cast on a pair of these for myself -- since I've already pretty much memorized the pattern. I already have the yarn picked out: this gorgeous Koigu that I picked up at Knit One last weekend.


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Ooh, that's pretty blue yarn. I can't wait to see it knit up. I'm sure it's even nicer in person.

  2. SJ, that is sooooo gorgeous!!

  3. hey, I knitted during the LOST finale too :) the sock looks so wonderful, and I wish I could squish that blue yarn!

    thanks for the tips on my sweater. it's all stretched out and drying right now!