Thursday, October 02, 2008

Monkey Arms

I said it last night and I'll say it again: My father has monkey arms. Here's the first sleeve of my father's sweater, currently measuring up to 18 inches. And I still have two more inches left to knit. Yup, monkey arms.

Fortunately, the sleeves are a pretty quick knit, especially in comparison to the body. About half of this sleeve was completed last night at Hurricane Knitting and I should be able to finish up those last couple inches while watching the debate tonight.

We had a small group last night, but I was glad for the good company. I was also not pressured at all into making a purchase.

(Sorry for the flash glare. I was hoping the overhead lights might be a reasonable substitute for natural light. Seems I was wrong.)

I'm excited about this book. I'm thinking that the felted Christmas trees might be a good alternative to coming up with another idea for an ornament. We're supposedly doing a "green Christmas" this year with our friends (you remember, right? our friends who have their Jewish friends over for Christmas every year?), so I'm planning a bunch of knit dishcloths, Swiffer covers, etc. as gifts.

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to this weekend. We have plans to get together with some friends Saturday night, but other than that, our schedule is free. I'm hoping to get in a lot of knitting time and maybe see some fireworks. What do you have planned?


  1. My husband's arms are literally as long as my legs. So the one time I made him a sweater, I actually wore the sleeves as pants. I have yet to make him another one -- I keep asking him how he feels about vests.

  2. We have to work a crappy football game on Saturday which entails leaving for Morgantown at 8 a.m. Sunday looks to be free. I wish I had a totally free weekend, but I don't see one of those in my remotely near future. Oh well! Have fun!

  3. Wow, that is a long arm! Do his knuckles drag on the ground? ;)

    This weekend? Yard work. Blech.

  4. Hee, Tom may have a long torso but he has short arms. Win! Sort of!

  5. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Good luck with those monkey sleeves!

    You weekend plans sound a heck of a lot better than mine; I have to spend Sunday at a 2 y/o's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese! Noise, noise, noise (but at least I'll get to knit on the hour trip there and back).

  6. Blah I work Saturday. But then I work every Saturday so it's not like it's a surprise or anything. I am hoping to watch the fireworks on TV. My uncle works for Zambelli and will be there setting off the fireworks. He told us a couple weekends ago it is going to be the best show ever!

  7. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I was busy looking at the afghan and wondering why your Dad chose those colors - bold! brave! when I realized his sleeve was the dark spot in the middle. ;) Duh. Men. They're so over sized. :)

    Your blankie is cute! I picked up some Cascade 220 last Monday to make one, now I just have decide what kind of Log Cabin.

    The new MK has some nice stuff in it, I thought.