Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Beginnings

Thank you for all the very nice compliments on my vest! I wore it to work yesterday, and not one person asked me if it was my own creation (although most of my coworkers do know that I knit), so I think it must be a great success.

Amid all the excitement over finishing the vest and wanting to share it with you, I completely forgot to mention that my Knit Picks Options set arrived last Thursday. I supplemented the set with extra cables in the 40, 47, and 60 inch lengths. I broke in several sizes of tips by swatching for my next two sweaters, one of which has already been cast on:

This would be the beginning of the saddle/yoke for The Mister's Big Thaw pullover, started at Hurricane Knitting last night. After all that knitting with fingering-weight yarn, it's rather fun to be working with size 9 needles!

Meanwhile, a little bit of knitting time tonight should see me through to the completion of my secret design project. Here's a little peek:

You didn't think I'd show you the right side, did you?


  1. Are you ready to toss all your other needles yet? I actually prefer the Options to Addis. The tip of the Addis is nice but the cords are much stiffer (although I've heard that's a recent thing).

  2. I'm also quite thrilled with my Options. And OMG, I need to get back to my Big Thaw. Or cast it on. Or something. ::sigh:: TGIF!

  3. Anonymous11:14 AM

    oooh, that's cute! what is it?