Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kitchen Renovation, Day One

Here's what it looked like before, after we finished packing up nearly everything in the kitchen:

And here's the same view, after the first day of demolition renovation:

Here's where the sink used to be:

And here's an interesting artifact we discovered behind some of the cabinets -- old wallpaper, circa 1950s:


  1. Wow, that wallpaper is really...patterned. What's it supposed to be a pattern of, a handkerchief?

  2. Nothing like bandanna wallpaper to spice up your kitchen!

  3. I think I kind of like that wallpaper!

  4. I personally love that crazy wallpaper... I hope you'll save it (or at least the photos of it) along with other photos of the renovation to store away in the home so that in 50 years someone else might discover them... I am a firm believer in hiding things for strangers in the future to discover... :)

  5. Are you guys doing this all by yourselves? I wouldn't have a clue about tearing out counters, sinks and such......