Thursday, November 05, 2009

Can You Spell FAIL?

Some time ago, I came across a pattern for baby booties that look like Uggs. I printed out the pattern and filed it away. About a month ago, I found some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille at Natural Stitches in the perfect colors, and this past weekend, I decided to try to knit up a pair.

I started out using the specified needles for the small size but found that the resulting fabric was way too loose. So I went down a couple needle sizes. A few hours of knitting later, I had this:

Looks cute, right? Unfortunately, there's one small problem. It's not so small. Here, let me show you what it looks like with my cell phone for scale:

These are so not the size of baby booties. Needless to say, I'm not going to make the second bootie. Heck, I didn't even weave in any ends or do the ornamental stitching with the fuzzy novelty yarn.

Fortunately, the other baby knitting finished up in the last couple of days went much better:

Pattern: Baby Genius Burp Cloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting
Yarn: Lily Sugar'n Cream (100% cotton) in colorways (from left to right) Strawberry, Playtime, Landscape, and Natural Ombre, one skein each
Needles: US 6 (4.0 mm) Addi Turbo circs
Started/Completed: October 25/November 2

These are a little smaller than specified in the pattern (the ombre skeins of Sugar'n Cream have less yardage than the solid skeins), so they may be a little small to serve as burp cloths. If they don't work out in that function, I think they'll make some excellent washcloths.


  1. Wait a minute, weren't you one of the people who tried to discourage me from frogging a too-big baby sweater with the rationale that babies grow? Rainbow's feet will grow eventually! Sure, she may be able to wear them by July and she'll have grown out of them by the time it's cold again...

  2. :( that the Ugg booties didn't work out. I've knitted that one a couple of times, but it was a while ago! I can't remember if they turned out overly large.

  3. why can't you wait till lil rainbow can fit into them? she will eventually, right?

  4. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Love that Ugg! Make the other one, because one sure thing about babies is that everything will fit eventually. And, when your baby first starts toddling at about 10-14 months, you might find you can really use soft booties like that to protect their feet on weird/uneven floors (think Robbeez) . And if they're slippery (the boots or the floors), you can actually buy that non-skid stuff at craft stores and paint it on the bottoms (a little like rubber cement).

    I think they're lovely! Make the other one! :D

  5. OK, that little Ugg is just plain cute. Sounds like it was quick. Go ahead and make the second one! :-)

  6. Ditto what everybody else said and make the other one. They will fit at some point! For the record, someone gave us a gift of baby UGGs for the kids, and those things look way, way huger than their regular shoes of the same size, so maybe that's the point?

  7. Oh no! I really feel for you! Love the burp cloths and will have to go pull my book out because I don't remember seeing those in it!

  8. Who'd a thought a pattern knitted by the almighty SJ would ever result in failure! :-) That looks like it's big enough to keep a Rufus paw warm for the winter.