Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Miniature and a Do-over

I've made Rainbow quite a few sweaters and pairs of socks, but lately I've been focusing on outwear for winter. I thought I'd start things off with a hat so that we can match (sort of) when it's time to go home from the hospital.

Pattern: Koolhaas (Ravelry link) by Jared Flood
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Super Sport (100% superwash merino), colorway Winterberry, approximately half a skein
Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm) Knit Picks circs, magic loop
Started/Completed: November 2/November 5

I'd seen a couple baby-sized Koolhaas hats on Ravelry, so it seemed possible to size it down. I followed the pattern exactly for the woman's size but knit the whole thing with a size 1 needle. As far as I can tell, it worked out perfectly -- though I think it'll look a lot cuter on a baby's head than it does on a pair of my socks!

There was plenty of yarn left over (this was a skein I'd received in a swap several years ago that had been sitting in my stash ever since), so I thought some thumbless mittens would use it up. I ended up making three sizes, the idea being that Rainbow can grow into them in her first few months.

The "pattern" for these was totally off the top of my head -- twisted 1x1 rib for the cuff, stockinette for a certain number of rounds, and then decreasing every round as if for a sock toe and grafting the last few stitches together at the top. I still have some yarn leftover, so perhaps there will be a matching pair of booties in the future as well.

Now, as to the do-over. I know many of you thought that I should make a mate to the enormous Ugg bootie, but I'm not sure you realized just how big the thing was. I seriously don't think it would have fit Rainbow until she was well into elementary school, at which point I don't think she would want to wear baby booties. I also wasn't very happy with the floppiness of the fabric; it just wasn't what I had in mind. But I still liked the pattern, and I remembered that I had some yarn leftover from my Ivy League Vest in similar colors. I got it out, along with some much smaller needles, and I think you'll agree that the result is much better:

These booties will actually fit a baby! Much, much better.


  1. Love them all, especially the Mini-Koolhaas! Glad you were able to make the faux Uggs work, too. I used non-novelty yarn when I knitted them, and it worked out great. D'oh, I should've suggested that beforehand! :P

  2. OK, so I'll take your word for it that we were poor judges of size on the baby UGG. But the replacements (and all of their companions in this post) are very cute!

  3. Ditto what Amy said. :)

  4. That tiny Koolhaas is killing me!! Rainbow Brite is going to be so warm and utterly stylish:)

  5. I bet you are just having a blast knitting all those baby things for Rainbow! Love the teensy Koolhaus and the bitty Ugg!

  6. Anonymous3:55 PM

    The baby Koolhaas is so sweet as are the matching mittens. Rainbow is certainly going to be one very well dressed baby!

    Holy cow, that first bootie really was big, wasn't it?! The new one is perfect!