Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Like an Old Friend

Knitting has slowed considerably here chez Knit/Wit. I'm still working on some small things during my lunch break, but I've been loath to to start any new project for fear that the baby will decide to make her appearance before I'm done and it'll never be finished or, worse, she won't come until I finish.

So, instead, I dug through my "other crafts" bin and pulled out some cross stitching. It's been fun to get reacquainted with my needle and floss. I used to do quite a bit of stitching before the knitting bug bit me, and I was extremely surprised to find a baby piece nearly finished. I must've started it for someone years ago but never finished, and as there was only a little bit of work left to do, I appropriated it for myself. (Well, for Rainbow, technically, but I'll enjoy it longer than she will.) As it stands now, there's just back-stitching and filling in the details (name, date, weight/length) left to do:

My reluctance to start any major projects has extended to my spinning as well. I spent the weekend finishing up the falkland fiber from the latest All Spun Up spinalong. I was equally nervous about getting caught with a project in progress on the wheel, so I opted for singles instead of anything plied. I wound up splitting my fiber in half and doing two different weights; now I just need to be home when there's some sun out to get a photo or two.

As sad as it makes me, I will soon be putting the wheel away to make room for the bassinet in the bedroom. I'm hoping that it won't have to hibernate too long; as an incentive, I decided to treat myself and signed up for the Crown Mountain Farms Fiber Club for next year. I'd already decided to let my Rockin' Sock Club lapse for next year (seeing as I have about a year's worth of yarn from it still unknit in my stash), and this seemed like a good present to myself. I'll be getting 4 ounces of fiber each month, and I opted for the surprise colorway each month. The real appeal of the club is that the fiber type is different each month, so I'll get to try lots of fibers that are new to me. I may not get much spinning done early on, but I'm betting that once Rainbow is a couple of months old, I'll be able to manage 4 oz. a month. Even if it winds up sitting in the stash for a while, it'll still be nice to get a fibery surprise every month!


  1. Nice cross stitch! I've tried it, but I can't cross stitch worth a damn, my work always terrible.

  2. Melissa9:17 AM

    Wow! What serendipity with that cross stitch! I was always so jealous of people who made those for their little ones. I couldn't figure out when they'd start it, cause it took me YEARS to finish any cross stitch.

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    I love to cross-stitch as well. I'm working on a major project that I started last year before christmas - christmas stockings for my dad, my husband and I. The front is cross-stitch and then I sew this together with fabric to make the stocking.

  4. Make's me want to pull out my unfinished cross-stitch...

  5. I know I have a million in-progress cross stitch projects hanging around. Someday, I may even go back and finish some of them!

  6. Anonymous4:11 PM

    That cross stitch project is sooo cute! I tried doing cross stitch once, but I don't have the patience for it.

    I'm sure you'll be spinning at least 4 ounces of fiber a month before you know it.