Thursday, February 17, 2011


That's what my knitting has been lately. Lady E is languishing once again -- we're in the middle of a mini heat wave, so I'm not exactly anxious to have a lapful of wool right now -- so the only thing on my needles getting any actual attention is my Caribbean Amphibian socks. I've just finished the gusset of sock #2 (and yes, that is real, actual sunlight coming through my office window!):

This just your average run-of-the-mill stockinette sock. To jazz things up a bit, I did an eye of partridge heel and carried it through the heel turn. I like how it looks, and it doesn't hurt that it adds a little extra durability to the heel.

These shouldn't take too much more time to finish up; I'm hoping that when they're done, I can find my knittng mojo again, because I'm anxious to start my handspun sweater! I figure that if I can cast on by the beginning of March, that will give me two solid months to knit before Maryland Sheep and Wool. I think I've decided on a pattern -- the Acer cardigan. I have enough yardage and the yarn weight is right, so I think I might have a winner! That is, unless someone can suggest something I like better ...


  1. hey...sometimes the brain needs something fluffy and brainless.

    you're going to MDSW?? SWEET! Maybe we can meet :-) but are you sure you want to wear a cardigan? believe it or not it's fairly warm.

  2. ooh, that Acer will be lovely in your handspun! And the socks are looking good too! (yes, I'm playing catch-up today. Why do you ask?)