Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One Big Tangle

It's been an interesting several days. Rainbow came down with a fast-moving virus on Saturday, so I've been sitting around home with her for the past three days. Fortunately, she's back to normal, but I was so worried about her that I didn't eat or sleep much for a while. I think we both needed the past two days at home! In the midst of all the sickness anxiety, I didn't knit much, though I'm planning on rectifying that situation as soon as possible. (I did do a whole lot of spinning, but I'll save that for Sunday.)

The main project, which I'm determined to focus on this week, is my Color Affection. I'm now a little more than halfway through the three-color short row section, which would move along more quickly if I didn't have to untangle my yarn every two rows.

I know I will love it when it's done, but goodness, what a headache!

Meanwhile, I've been working on my sock here and there and am just about ready to start the heel flap:

The colors are not at all accurate in this photo -- it's more of a chocolate brown and greener turquoise. Though I'm fairly certain my yarn will hold out through the toe, I still feel a bit like I'm playing yarn chicken. I keep having to remind myself that this is only a 200-yard skein and that there's another one for the second sock!

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