Sunday, February 04, 2018

Good Enticements

As much as I am enjoying my sweater spin, there does come a moment in all large projects when you get a bit sick of spinning the same thing. I've done very little spinning this week, and I'm still in the middle of my first bobbin for the next skein.

This skein will transition from Bay, the medium blue, to Sky, the light blue. I'm excited to finally spin some of the lightest color!

What is certainly not helping me stay focused is the arrival of pretty fiber to distract me. First, my December shipment from the Southern Cross Fibre club finally showed up this past week, and it's a real beauty. I braided it so you could see all the colors:

This is a colorway called Kandinsky, and it's on one of my favorite fiber, Rambouillet. This will be a very fun spin!

I also received a set of batts that I ordered from the FatCatKnits Etsy shop. Although Ginny is no longer dyeing fiber, she's using what she still has to card up some gorgeous batts. I just couldn't resist these.

These are a blend of Merino, Rambouillet, Polwarth, and Targhee (basically all my favorite wools) with silk, flax, silk noil, and angelina.

I am really tempted to spin up these new acquisitions right away, but I think I will leave them as motivation for finishing up my sweater spin.

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  1. I love those colors on your Southern Cross braid! So rich! I can't wait to see that spun up!