Thursday, February 08, 2018

Hard to Contain

It's hard to contain my excitement, that is -- the Olympics start tomorrow, and that means the start of the Ravellenic Games! I have been dying to cast on my Helenium sweater, but I am being very good and not cheating. I have wound all the yarn, however, and have a new pair of needles ready to go (because the ChiaoGoo Red Lace needles in the size I need have gone missing), so all that's left to do before I can cast on tomorrow is to go through the pattern and highlight all the pertinent information for my size.

There actually is one other thing I need to do before I start my sweater, and that's to finish the baby sweater. That should be no problem at all, because all I have left to do is knit half a sleeve (and the bottom half of the sleeve at that). I've even woven in all my ends thus far, so once the sleeve is dealt with, all that will remain to do is to block and sew on some buttons.

This has really been a fun and relaxing knit, and I think I could have finished it even faster had I focused on it a bit more. Even though I'll be knitting almost up to the wire to get it done before serious sweater knitting starts, I will have finished it more than two weeks before it needed to be done, so that's an accomplishment.

I suspect there will soon be another one of these on the needles, as Rainbow has really gushed over it and is in need of a new sweater, as the only hand-knit one that currently fits her is a light fingering weight one. But she's really more in need of a new pair of mittens first. If only there were more hours in the day!

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  1. I am with you on more hours in a day! Except, I fear I would fill it with something nonsensical! I cast on at 6:45AM this morning and felt very Olympian! Ha! Have a good weekend!