Wednesday, May 09, 2007

80 degrees? Bring on the wool!

Spring appears to be in full force and it is HOT, especially on the third floor of my house, from which I'm blogging. It's not really the ideal condition in which to be working with wool -- but I just can't help myself. Last night I finished the second sleeve of my Forecast. All that's left is to weave in the ends (a couple of which you can see in this picture) and knit the button bands.

I'm aware that the ribbing at the bottom of the body and sleeves makes this sweater look quite mishapen; I'm planning on giving this garment a severe blocking when it's all done. I've planned for this to be a very fitted sweater, but I also want it to be able to button in front and not flare in strange places. If J is amenable, we may make a trip to Jo-Ann's this weekend to buy buttons and perhaps a zipper to finally finish off his sweater!

The two pairs of socks I have on the needles are progressing, though at drastically different rates. I don't think I've mentioned my latest pair of Jaywalkers, done in Socks That Rock. The first sock was finished shortly after returning from Chicago and the second is only a few rows away from the heel. Meanwhile, my Grasshopper socks, which I'd only just started before we went away, were frogged and restarted while waiting to board the plane because I thought they were working out too large. I did several repeats of the stitch pattern before putting it down; I'm a nervous flyer, and the p2togs are hard enough without my hands being shaky and sweaty and the plane moving around. I'll pick the sock up again once the second Jaywalker is done.

Today I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home, besides the gorgeous weather for the ride.

I'd ordered these on Amazon last week and received an e-mail that the box had shipped on Monday. Despite Amazon's tracking function predicting I'd receive the package next Monday, it was sitting on my doorstep today. Do you think they purposely overestimate their shipping time so that you'll be extra pleased with their service when it arrives earlier? I wonder ...

I'm taking my knitting down at least one floor, where it's cool enough to work on it.


  1. Hi, I linked to your blog a blogroll, and found proof that Amazon is shipping socks books. I ordered 3 together at least a week ago and they still haven't shipped. You lucky human being!!!!

  2. Oddly enough, I also received an Amazon package today that had a predicted arrival date of Friday. Hmmmmm.....

  3. I do think that Amazon overestimates, but then when you expect something to be early, it's extra late. Oh well, the shipping is free, so I can't complain.

    It was 87 on the top floor of our house last night! I haven't been in much of the mood to knit. We put the fans in, so hopefully it will be cooler tonight. I just hate to have to turn on the AC so soon.

  4. You know I think I did pick the free shipping and I've heard that one books, 25 Fabulous Socks (?) is backordered. We put on fans last night too because it seemed so early for AC, but it was HOT. I did manage to knit though.