Sunday, October 28, 2007

Being Good and Being Bad

We did make it to our dinner party Friday night and had a great time, but I think I overdid it a bit because I did not feel so well yesterday. So after venturing out to meet my parents for lunch and running a few errands, we came home and spent a quiet afternoon and evening that included plenty of knitting time. Although I was very tempted to work on my new STR socks (cast on Friday afternoon), I decided I would be good and work on finishing my Central Park Hoodie, which has been on the needles for nearly two months.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I did work on the CPH, but first I made some stitch markers that will be used if I ever get around to buying Cat Bordhi's new book:

These are very light, as they're made of thin coated wire. The hardest part about putting these together was trying to crimp the crimp beads; I think maybe my cheap miniature pliers are not the best for this task.

I did eventually settle down with my CPH sleeves and got as far as completing the increases and getting ready to start the sleeve cap. I'm now just a handful of rows away from finishing, so this week the CPH will see some blocking and perhaps even some seaming, if I feel brave enough to try to conquer the set-in sleeve again.

So that was my being good. As to my being bad? Let's just say I had a bit of a falling down at Michael's. For some reason, even though I was longing to get home and lie down, I felt compelled to go and buy some yarn (and, in all honesty, it did make me feel a little better!). I bought some non-yarn items as well, namely the beads and wire to make the stitch markers and some more tapestry needles (my spare package seems to have wandered off). But mostly there was yarn: three skeins of Cotton Ease to make this sweater for a new "cousin"-to-be, two skeins of Patons Classic Merino to make my father a scarf for Hannukah, and another three skeins to make this adorable little guy for ... me? a baby? We shall see. I guess the splurge wasn't that bad, considering the Patons was on sale for $4 a skein and more than half the yarn was specifically for gifts. I really really wanted to cast on for that bear right away, but as I said, I was good! I'm sure that when I have my CPH done to keep me warm (we have a frost advisory tonight!), I'll be happy I was good and stuck to my plan.

Tomorrow I go back to work, although I'll be leaving early to go to my follow-up appointment with my surgeon. I'm hoping that will be the end of the appendix story, as I'm tired of dealing with it and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about it!


  1. Ooh, so much to comment on! :)
    1. I have a set of stitch markers like that, purchased on Etsy. Like 'em lots.
    2. Set-in sleeves aren't so bad. My best advice is to pin-baste the sleeve in the proper place, then baste with a contrasting clor yarn. Lemme know if that doesn't make sense.
    3. I'm itching to make sweaters again, but gotta finish my Steelers socks first!
    Hope the appt. goes well!

  2. At least when you "fell down" at Michaels, you landed in a nice, soft place. I'm knitting sweaters like crazy because I'm hoping to be able to return some of the yarn.

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Maybe when you have the blocking-with-wires class at your house, you can have a making-your-own-stitch-markers class, too...since I'm incompetent on both counts. I'll bring the snacks!! ;0)

  4. Those stitch markers are fantastic!! Glad you're on the mend...

  5. Hmmm, I've been hearing about these Cat Bordhi markers and have no idea what anyone is talking about. I may have to do a Google...

    Gift yarn doesn't count. Kind of like sock yarn. ;) Can't wait to see your CPH!

  6. What did I tell you about overdoing it? Hard not to when you're feeling better though huh?

    Those stitch makers will be great when you buy Cat's book. You'll definitely want to get it. I just got mine and I'm in LUV!