Thursday, November 08, 2007


First things first: Jenn and I both wore our recently completed Central Park Hoodies to the meeting of the Hurricane Knitters last night, and we took the requisite shot of each other:

We had our usual good time, and towards the end of the evening we got a bit punchy. But it was just what I needed to cheer me up after a stressful day at work. What also helped were the packages waiting for me at home.

Remember the test knitting I did back when I was fresh out of the hospital? Well the designer sent me a package of goodies as a thank you. There was a gorgeous skein of yarn, some edible treats (pumpkin seeds and hot cider mix), and a beautiful wood inlay box that will serve perfectly to hold these gorgeous stitch markers:

My less-than-stellar photography skills have failed to capture the real color of the beads -- a beautiful indigo with an underlying silvery sparkle.

The other package was a shipment from Knit Picks. The original reason for the order was to get the book (you know, since I had the stitch markers all ready) and some navy sock yarn for the socks my father requested. Then I decided I really wanted to try some Felici, and then I noticed that there was some Shine Sport on clearance (for less than $10, it'll make another Pea Pod set!). At that point I was so close to the free shipping, I threw in a skein of Telemark with no particular project in mind. I'm sure I can find some use for it -- suggestions, anyone?

I got a surprise package in the mail today, from Miriam. Inside was my Adamas, which she'd borrowed to photograph. As a thank you, she sent me two jars of homemade jam. Yummy! Thanks, Mim!

Now that the CPH is done (and I promise a full write-up with photos will be up in the next day or two), I'm not feeling the same sense of urgency to knit any particular project. I resurrected a very old UFO for knit night last night; I'm hoping to have it finished for my mom before it's a full year old. I did work a little on The Mister's sweater when I got home last night, but I'll spare you the picture of dark brown stockinette. Then there are the socks I started for my mother-in-law:

More no-purl Monkeys, in Lorna's Laces. Would you believe this is the very first Lorna's I ever bought? It's been living in the stash for a couple years now; I thought it was about time I used it.


  1. I think that we should take up tap dancing, it would make taking finished object pictures way more fun!

  2. So many goodies arriving all at once! I LOVE that wooden box, too.

    Heeheehee, are those monkeys or zebras? You could call them monbras! Or zekeys! No, monbras is funnier!

    Must get off the Nyquil.

  3. But I wanted to see the OTHER picture! CPH Twin Powers: ACTIVATE! :)

    You missed the big drama of the night, when another customer in the cafe TOOK CALVIN'S BOTTLE up to the cafe counter and made an issue of him bringing it in to the store. Huh? Was quite interesting. (ewyeoxdb ... Like an ewok who can't spell!)

  4. That joint photo is just priceless.

  5. Anonymous8:44 AM

    omg...someone took calvin's bottle?! Holy smoke!! The sock looks great. So cool about the test knitting surprises. Love it! :)

  6. What a fun picture of you two, it was a fun night!

  7. Well...THOSE are not the buttons you said you were going to put on your CPH so I am assuming that picture is JENN and not you! Where is your CPH little missy? BTW, the blue CPH is VERY PRETTY!

  8. lori aka blogless4:15 PM

    Excellent outdoors shot of you both in your CPHs, but where's a shot with jazz hands?

    Great goodies and love the CPH. The color is fantastic in person.

    You're a regular knitting maven!