Thursday, July 05, 2012

Almost All Spinning, All the Time

This is the time of year when I'm primarily spinning during all my crafting time, and I've mostly been sticking to that plan this year. I'm still doing a bit of knitting to keep me sane, though, and to give my hands some rest from the motions needed for drafting and fiber control.

My slow-moving Shur'tugal Socks, for instance, have still been seeing some action during my lunch break at work. I finished the first one Friday night (but for kitchenering the toe, which I did at my LYS on Saturday in order to earn a spot on my bingo card).

I'm into the leg of the second sock, and now that I've gotten used to the stitch pattern, I think this one will go much more quickly.

I also started what is likely to be a long-term project last Friday, when I took the day off from work and camped out on the couch at my LYS for the day. You thought I was crazy to knit a worsted weight sweater in the middle of June? Well, here's really crazy for you: I'm now knitting a sweater in laceweight. The yarn weight is probably more suited to the weather, but obviously this project is going to be very slow going.

This is Hannah Fettig's Breezy Cardigan, the lightweight version of her Effortless Cardigan. My Effortless is one of my favorite hand-knit sweaters, so I knew that this version would be well loved as well. I'm planning on using it as an extra layer at the office -- or anywhere else there's excessive air conditioning. I've put in a few rows here and there, but I expect this won't see a lot of attention until after the Tour de Fleece is over.

As to the Tour, I've finished, finally, spinning up the Loop bullseye bump that I bought at MDSW. I'm letting the singles rest for a day or two before I start chain plying, and in the meantime I've pulled out a very old spindle project (BMFA cashmere/silk that I started last December). There are two other yarns in progress as well.


  1. Oh, that cashmere silk… I"m in love!

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I agree with Stripeyspots - the cashmere silk is gorgeous! Love the color!