Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's Not a Sprint

The yarn that I finally got off my wheel was truly a marathon of a spin. True, I haven't been spinning that much lately, but this particular yarn seemed like it took an inordinate amount of time to spin. It started out its life as 4 oz. of Crown Mountain Farms Portuguese wool top (July's fiber club shipment):

I wasn't wild about the colors, but I've frequently been surprised in the past by a colorway I didn't like in fiber form that ended up being more likable in yarn form.

I decided to spin it into my default yarn: three-ply fingering weight. I ended up with 395 yards (a pretty high yardage for me for this weight, so that explains at least part of the length of time needed to spin it.

Unfortunately, I still don't love the color. It's just a little too blah for me. The spinning experience was enjoyable, but I'm at a loss with regard to what to do with this yarn.

After finishing this yarn, though, I did definitely get my spinning mojo back. This afternoon, I finished up the second bobbin of my only other unspun club shipment (long draw, so it only took me about an hour) and then got reacquainted with my miniSpinner. I have a long lingering project that I really want to finish up now!


  1. It would look pretty in some colourwork. Maybe against a cream?

  2. See and I just think that it is a beautiful colour. I'm thinking scarf, cowl hat maybe or socks. Its subtle enough that a raised stitch pattern or cables will really show up well.
    Or use it as a contrast against a rich gold / ochre / mustard / chartreuse as that is such a trendy color right now.

  3.'s GRELLOW! I love it, personally.

  4. I like the color and think the yarn just screams socks, but then, I think just about every yarn screams socks. LOL I'm totally jealous of your spinning skills. Your singles are so uniform and your plying is perfect. Maybe I'll get there someday. ::sigh::