Thursday, November 01, 2012


Don't forget about the pattern sale!

Since finishing up my Calligraphy Cardigan, I've been working on two other sweaters in tandem. The first is my SPAKAL sweater, Cecily Glowik MacDonald's Goodale, which I'm knitting in my Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino handspun. I neglected this for quite a while in an effort to get the other sweater done, but I'm moving again. I'm primarily putting in time on it during my lunch break at work, so I'm really only getting in a handful of rows at a time. Even so, I'm working my way down the body pretty quickly. The sleeves have nothing left to do but some ribbing, so I should be able to make fast work of them once the body is done. At this point, I'm only into my second skein of yarn, so it looks like the sweater will take far less than I thought once all is said and done.

My evening knitting has been focused on Rainbow's Hiro Petite. Last night I reached the critical point where the sleeves are joined to the body and the yoke colorwork begins. I did decide to add a steek to the front to make the colorwork portion easier, because I knew my gauge would go all wonky if I tried to purl in stranded colorwork. This yarn (Berroco Vintage) isn't ideal for steeking, so I'll likely have to break out the sewing machine when it's time to cut.

As it is November 1, I'm really tempted to cast on something new for NaKniSweMo (like perhaps Vitamin D in the Imperial Yarn Tracie Too I bought several weeks ago), but I really think I should be good and finish the two other sweaters I'm knitting for myself that are already on the needles. What do you think?


  1. Please do a blog post about how you'll sew along your steeking. Heck - I know nothing about steeking, even, so any info on this would be awesome. I know I can learn how elsewhere, but I'd love to see your thoughts and a basic explanation :) Or at least some links you find useful.

    Also, only cast-on for the Vitamin D if you think you can get that plus Rainbow's sweater done by the end of the month. Fair enough?

  2. A sweater machine... That's what you are! I'm really liking the detail on Rainbow's cardigan.