Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One More Night

Yep, that's all I need to get finish up my handspun Goodale. I finished up the second sleeve and wove in all the ends on Saturday, then popped it in to soak and block on Sunday. It took a good two days to dry, and now all that's left to do is sew up the pockets, knit a very small neckline, and sew on a couple of buttons. (Oh, and do an I-cord closure for the buttons, but that will take hardly any time at all.) I expect to have this sweater done in time to wear it to Thanksgiving dinner!

While I was waiting for this to dry, I picked up my Breezy Cardigan again. This sweater moves along very slowly, as you'd expect for something that's worked in laceweight yarn. Fortunately, there's no thinking involved. It's just plain old stockinette, which I can do without looking. I've put on at least a couple of inches on the body; when I put it down for the night last night, I had about another inch to do before I start the bottom ribbing. I have no illusions of finishing up this sweater anytime soon, but at least it feels like I'm making forward progress.

The good news is that Rainbow's butterfly hat is done and blocked, though I'll wait to show that to you until I can do a proper photo shoot, which I'm hoping will happen later this week.

As soon as that came off the needles, I got another handspun project on. I had a skein of sock yarn that was all wound and ready to go -- I took it on our anniversary trip last month and never touched it. I'm doing just a plain vanilla sock -- cast on 65 stitches, did about 3.5" of 3x2 ribbing, then switched over to stockinette. I'll do about a 7" leg and a regular-old heel flap and gusset. Nothing special, nothing fancy; I'm letting the yarn do all the talking on these.

The colors are completely off, but you get the idea.


  1. Sometimes plain vanilla is best. I think your handspun is very well-spoken. :-)

  2. I'm soooo jealous of your handspun projects!!! They're gorgeous!!!!