Sunday, June 16, 2013

Disproportionate Fiber Flow

Considering that my default spinning is very fine (usually a three-ply fingering weight), it always amazes me how quickly it can go when I'm spinning much thicker singles. You may recall that last week I showed you most of the singles spun up from some of the fiber I bought at MDSW. I finished the second (and final) bobbin that evening, and on Friday night I plied, basically in one sitting. I ended up with approximately 184 yards of two-ply worsted weight (it came off the bobbin looking slightly finer than that but puffed up nicely in its bath).

I'm quite delighted with this yarn. I split the fiber for a fractal yarn -- I split it in half lengthwise and then split one of the halves in half again -- so it should stripe a bit when knit up. This will eventually be come a hat or mittens for Rainbow for next year; she can get away with the bright colors at her age.

If I could keep spinning things this fast, I'd make a pretty big dent in my spinning stash. I may have to start doing that soon, because a big box arrived on Friday from Crown Mountain Farms with my last (sob!) order. I had enough trouble deciding between colors that I ended up ordering them all in 4 oz. amounts. Are you ready for picture overload? Here we go.

Superwash merino in San Francisco Nights:

Blue Hotel:

and Material Girl:

Polwarth in Black Sun:


and Hymne An Die Nacht:

And finally BFL in Buttercup Yellow:

I'd really like to start spinning all of these right away, but I feel like I should save them and savor them because they're the last I'll ever get.


  1. That is soooo sad about your fiber pusher.

  2. I say spin them right away! They're so pretty.
    Rainbow is going to look adorable in her colorful winter accessories =D

  3. Enjoy them and don't worry about saving them. You'll never appreciate them more than you do right now. I'm sorry that Klaus is leaving too.