Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thunder and Lightning

You know the feeling you have when you work on something for a long time hoping that it will come out a certain way and then you finish and it comes out exactly as you wanted? I've been having that feeling all weekend about my latest handspun skein.

I started out with this 80% merino/20% silk gradient braid from Fiber Optic (picked up at Maryland Sheep and Wool this year) in a colorway called Thunder and Lightning:

A gradient of course begs to be spun into a chain-plied yarn, so I started at the deep orange end and spun fine singles onto one bobbin on my Hansen miniSpinner. Then, on Friday, I plied it (for the record, it took a total of about two and a half hours to get it all done). I skeined it up and finished it Friday night after Rainbow was asleep, and by yesterday, it was dry.

I wish I'd been able to snap a photo of this skein on the niddy noddy; this twisted hank doesn't do the colors justice. But I love the yarn. It's a light fingering and approximately 420 yards.

This was a great spin, from start to finish. Aside from the occasional silk nepp (which is pretty common in silk blends), it drafted smoothly and evenly, and the shine on the finished yarn is pretty amazing. I'm now on the lookout for the perfect shawlette pattern to show off these amazing colors. Share suggestions if you've got 'em!

I'll be staying away from my wheels for the week until the Tour de Fleece kicks off next Saturday, but after that, expect a flurry of skeins!


  1. You did a fabulous job. I'm totally jealous. I have a gradient in my stash (It's not as spectacular as yours.) that I have been avoiding because my chain plying is terrible.

  2. Seriously, that is the most perfect skein of yarn ever!!! I can't wait to see what pattern you pick. This one popped into my head, but it calls for two colors...