Thursday, June 20, 2013

When You Knit ...

I know this is a fairly obvious concept, but did you know that when you actually knit on things, you make progress on them? ;-)

I have been working on my handspun Breezy Cardigan the past two evenings (and stayed up a little late last night to finish watching a movie), and as a result I find myself with less than three inches of ribbing to knit before I have -- count 'em -- two completed sleeves. If I can match last night's pace tonight, I may even get started on the first of the front bands. I'm not going to delude myself that I'll have the sweater done by this weekend (there is another mystery shawl clue coming, after all), but this is looking like it could be finished in the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow I'm taking a day off from work, which is much needed after a very busy week. Because I've make such good progress on the sweater, I've given myself permission to start plying the Fiber Optic gradient. 

It may not look like all that much, but you have to keep in mind that one of these bobbins can hold in excess of 8 oz. I've spun my singles very fine and will be chain plying, so I have a feeling this is skein that's going to take multiple plying sessions to get though. Want to guess how many hours it'll take?


  1. haha! So true! I might actually finish some of my WIPs if I knit a few rows here and there. I'm not even going to guess how many hours it will take you to finish up your fiber, because I spin so slow =P

  2. haha you don't say!? I have the same problem. Some of my project have been there for ages :( I spin on a wannabe S10 or on spindles.. plying that much on a spindle... *faints*

  3. Haha! I actually wrote something very similar on one of my recent FO project pages.

    I can't wait to see that Fiber Optic once you've plied it!

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  5. Crazy talk! Next you'll be suggesting that knitting with stash results in using up yarn...