Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Somewhere in the Middle

I'm at that somewhat boring stage in all my current projects where there's not very much exciting happening. My Sybaritic socks are still moving along slowly (they get about 40 minutes of attention each day during my lunch break). I've now completed the leaf design on the foot, so I'm at the point where I work even until I'm ready to start decreasing for the toe. The good new is that despite a very tight cuff that takes some effort to get over my heel, the sock does fit, as you can see.

I've spent most of my knitting time the past three days working on my Through the Loops Mystery Shawl and completed clue 3 last night. I was not as diligent following the last clue and, as a result, have a ton of ends to weave in (I'm trying to do it as I go so I'm not stuck with all of them at the very end, when I just want to weave in the last one and block the thing). I got a good start on it last night but will have to finish up this evening.

Hello, I am too big to spread out on a 40" needle

I'm predicting that the last clue, which is due to be released this Saturday, is a lace edging in the third color (the blue, in my case). I'm guessing it'll be 30-ish rows, and with the length of the rows these days, that will likely take a bit of time. If I get lucky, Kirsten will release the clue a day early -- I have a day off on Friday, so it would be great to use that uninterrupted knitting time to make decent headway on finishing the shawl.

Of course, on top of all of this, my Breezy Cardigan is still hanging around. I did put in a little bit of time on it the other night, but it's still making slow progress. As much as I'd like to start plying up my Fiber Optic gradient this week, I'm going to make a point of devoting time to this sweater. I have other things I'd like to start but don't want to cast on for something new until this longtime WIP is finally an FO.

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  1. Like 'em both! I'm knee deep in Wendy Johnson's shawl KAL and thoroughly enjoying it. But you know how much I like to be told what to do...