Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Bit Aimless

After three solid weeks of spinning in every possible free moment, it was a bit weird yesterday when I sat down for my lunch break and then again after I put Rainbow to bed and realized that I could knit again. To be perfectly honest, picking up the needles felt a bit weird.

During lunch, I worked on my second Sybaritic sock, which was not as far along as I'd remembered. I finished the heel flap by the end of the break, so there's not that much left to do, but it wasn't particularly exciting knitting. Then, last night, I pulled out the baby doll I started knitting for Rainbow many months ago (I had to pull up my Ravelry notebook to check -- I started it in December, yikes!). I had completed the body shortly after I started but stalled when I started the head. I think it would go a lot faster were it not for the fact that I'm knitting heavy worsted weight cotton on size 4 needles -- not so hand friendly.

What I'd really like to cast on for is my Water Music, but the yarn is not quite ready. I did finish plying it on Sunday night and skeined and washed it last night.

It looks like I may be cutting it a little close on the yardage. My skein is roughly 807 yards; the pattern calls for 800-900 yards. But at least one other knitter has made one with less than 800, and I think (as my yarn is on the light side of fingering) I will use a smaller needle. The pattern calls for a US 7/4.5 mm, but I think I may use a 6 or 5. I don't really need this shawl to be gargantuan, so a smaller needle will mean a more manageable shawl size in the end anyway in addition to (I hope) using less yarn. Worst case, I can use something else for the edging if I run out.

I've decided that I really want to finish up the spindle project I started during the Tour de Fleece, so I'll be spinning during my lunch break until the last 2 oz. are done. I guess the socks will have to wait a bit.


  1. Worsted weight on size 4 needles...ugh. That would not be so fun =P

    Your yarn is gorgeous and I think it will make a beautiful Water Music!!! I hope you can make it work.

  2. What do you mean 'December' and 'yikes!' ?
    I have projects from 3 years ago!!!!! :)