Sunday, July 14, 2013

Life at High Speed

Wow, I kind of disappeared for a while there, didn't I? Sorry about that -- it wasn't my intention. I also haven't gotten nearly the amount of spinning done in the past week that I'd hoped, mainly due to a very challenging child who lately has not wanted to go to bed. That's meant tantrums and long evenings in her room with her, which has translated into very limited time to myself. There's a week left in the Tour de Fleece, so I'm hoping to make up a little lost ground in the next seven days.

After a whirlwind end to the week, I did find some significant time to myself yesterday. The Mister took Rainbow to a swimming lesson in the morning and then to our local amusement park for the whole of the afternoon, so once I'd gotten some things crossed off the to-do list, I took my Lendrum to my LYS and spent a good three hours or so spinning. As a result, I now have three full bobbins of Material Girl singles ready to be plied into sock yarn.

I started the plying this morning but didn't get very far before we had to go out. It was very hot and humid today, so we decided to spend the afternoon at the pool. The good news is that it sufficiently tired out the kiddo, so she is now blissfully sleeping and I will be able to get through as much of this as I can tonight.

I also came home on Friday to a very pleasant (and long-awaited) fibery surprise:

If this looks vaguely familiar, it's because it's very similar to the Bee Mice Elf fiber club shipment from the beginning of this year. Although the fractal yarn I spun from that fiber was a lot of fun, part of me regretted not spinning it from end to end and chain plying for a gradient, so when the coordinating braids went up for sale, I bought these two gradients to combine together. These are both Polwarth (my favorite) and 4 oz. each, so assuming I can spin fine singles, I'll have enough yarn for a good-sized shawl. I've been waiting for these for quite a long time (there was a six-week lead time on them to begin with, and then the dyer moved studios, and then the USPS seems to have walked it across the country to me), so it was a wonderful surprise when they finally showed up. I think I'm going to save these until after the Tour de Fleece is over, though, as I want to get through my current projects.

Speaking of which, there's some yarn waiting to be plied.


  1. The bobbins of singles look amazing! I can't wait to see the finished yarn, it will be lovely.

  2. I think everybody is laying low right now. Summer seems to keep us all busy, even though it's not as if anything changes that much. I'm envious of your Bee Mice Elf club even though right now I'm on a no-spending kick. Their fibers always looks so scrumptious!

  3. I love your Bee Mice fibers. It was very nice of the mailman to finally bring them to you =P
    I hope Rainbow keeps on sleeping for you!!!