Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Post of Opposites

It's Sunday, so it's fitting that I spent a good portion of the day spinning. After a morning that started early and was filled with the usual household chores, my friend Colleen came over with her wheel and we spent the afternoon talking, watching movies on cable, and spinning. I decided to start spinning up the Frabjous Fibers merino/sparkle blend that I showed you last week. I split the top in half lengthwise and then split one half in half again for a fractal spin (which is fast becoming my preferred color management method for brightly colored fiber). After spinning frog hair for the past couple of weeks, it was quite a thrill to spin up a full bobbin's worth in one day.

The colors aren't quite true to life because this shot used a filter on Instagram, but you can tell that there's quite a rainbow of colors. And boy is there ever a lot of sparkle. I had to take a lint roller to my pants and the couch when I was done. It's a bit of an annoyance, but the finished yarn is going to be a lot of fun. Rainbow has already requested that it become a hat for her, and who am I to turn down a request like that?

Meanwhile, after I hit publish on this post, I'll be turning back to the frog hair -- the BFL/silk blend from All Spun Up. I am making some progress on it, but there's still a pretty significant amount of fiber left to spin.

I will actually be amazed if this ends up fingering weight once it's plied; if it does, it will be on the very light end. I'd like to finish this up soon because there's more fiber waiting in the wings. My Bee Mice Elf club fiber showed up late last week, and it's a beauty.

This is Falkland in a colorway called Pool Party. I'm thinking that this will become another fractal two ply, with lots of barberpoling. Yes, I'm in a phase, but if it ain't broke, why fix it?

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