Sunday, September 01, 2013

One for the Browncoats

When I heard that Into the Whirled was going to have some Firefly-themed batts at Maryland Sheep and Wool, I knew I wanted to get my hands on one. I made sure the ITW booth was my first stop when we got to the fairgrounds on the first day of the festival, so I was lucky enough to snag a Falkland batt in a colorway called Captain Tightpants.

A batt like this of course begged to be spun as a gradient, so (starting with the blue on the outside) I split off and spun a strip at a time until I had spun the whole batt onto one bobbin of singles. After the singles had rested overnight, I chain plied them. The result is this colorful skein:

The batt weighed approximately 5 oz. when I started, and the finished yarn is roughly sport weight and around 358 yards. I really love how the colors transition into each other, and I think this should be a lot of fun knit up.

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  1. You need a "love" button. I love, love, love this yarn. You did a great job spinning up your Captain Tightpants batt.