Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Working My Way Out of the Black Hole

After about of week of feeling like I was stuck in the black hole of knitting -- in which you knit and knit and yet don't seem to make any progress -- I feel like I'm finally starting to claw my way out.

I may have been a little foolish in thinking I could knock out a second baby sweater in the same pattern without getting really bored of it. I've been a little stalled since casting on, not really feeling any motivation to get moving on it, but now I've reached the bottom of the body. After I do all the edging (bottom hem, button band, collar), the sleeves should be a breeze.

I also finally got around to blocking the first iteration -- the recipient gave birth this morning, so it really needed to get done!

I pulled out the waffle-y baby blanket over the weekend and worked on it in the car (we had two long-ish drives) and on Sunday afternoon while I was cooking. It seemed like it wasn't getting any bigger, but all of the sudden it's significantly longer and I'm fast approaching the end of the second skein of yarn.

It's not as pink as it looks, promise

As if those two projects weren't enough, I also finally finished the singles of my spinning project last night -- amazing how 4 oz. can look like so little on such a big bobbin!

Now, if I could just through the yoke of the sweater for me -- I suppose that's the next challenge.


  1. The little sweater is adorable and I love that raspberry yarn. By the way...You are getting a lot more done than many of us.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I am so looking forward to this weekend as the plan is to spin and knit and just generally have a good time...