Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hold on to your hats, folks -- my Zeccola Cowl is done! (It still needs to be blocked, of course.)

When I pulled it out last night, I only had six or seven rounds left to knit, which didn't take me very long. But then I had to do the long graft to connect the two ends of the tube. The first step in that process was getting the provisionally cast-on stitches onto another needle, and that took a bit longer than I was anticipating because the project yarn and the waste yarn kept sticking to each other. Once I finally got everything set up, it took me nearly an hour to do the graft. But now it's done and I'm very happy with it!

It feels like I was working on this project for a long time, but in actuality it was only about three weeks. Right off the needles, it's long enough to comfortably wrap around my neck twice, but I'm planning on stretching it a bit when I block it to get some extra length and a bit more drape. I ended up doing 16 repeats. I suppose I could have gone for 18, but I was ready to be done. There is still a bit of yarn leftover that will be going in the scrap bin (perhaps to become part of the log cabin blanket I started for Rainbow when I was pregnant with her?).

So now I have a total of three projects on the needles -- my First Point of Libra, which will now become my main focus until it's done; my Evenlight, which I'll focus on finishing once the shawl is done; and my dad's socks, which are my lunchtime knitting. Those socks are moving along fairly quickly, actually, or at least they feel like they're moving faster than the block socks did. I'm already through the gusset decreases on the first sock.

Three is still maybe one more project than I'm used to having on the needles at any given time, but I feel strangely liberated after having finished the fourth project. Now I just have to watch myself to make sure I don't cast on for something else!

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