Sunday, February 28, 2016

Will This Be the Week?

After two months of working on this project, I think this week might just be the week I finish spinning the singles of my 8 oz. of Polwarth. When I sat down to spin this afternoon, this is what the bobbin looked like:

What you can see just behind the arm of the flyer is the last bit of the purple fiber, which I actually finished spinning today! That's right, I am officially into the light blue of the braid, the very last color I will have to spin to get these singles done. I am hoping to fit in a few spinning sessions this weekend (likely tomorrow evening, and for sure Friday night and perhaps Saturday night as well). With any luck, the next time you see this bobbin, it will be ready to be plied!

Meanwhile, as I am ignoring every other bit of fiber in my stash, it has grown a bit this past week with the arrival of my January Southern Cross Fibre shipment:

This is Shetland in a colorway called Trail Mix. I am hoping that this experience with Shetland will be a good one. I know lots of people rave about this breed, but I've never been all that excited with it. I wouldn't say I dislike it, but if I'm going to spin a toothier fiber, there are other breeds I'll go for first. Still, I keep trying it in the hope that one day I'll find the magical batch of Shetland that I'll love. And frankly, if anyone can do that, I think David of SCF is very high on the list of people who could.

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