Thursday, February 04, 2016

WIP Overload

While I am not in any way a monogamous knitter, there is a good reason why I usually have no more than two or three projects in progress. I'm experiencing a bit of WIP overload at the moment, and it's making me feel a little scattered because I never know what to work on at any given time. I currently have four projects on the needles -- my Evenlight, my second Zeccola Cowl, my First Point of Libra, and the black socks for my father-in-law -- as well as two spinning projects. Thus far I've been working on one project each evening, which seems fair to the projects but also means that I don't make much progress on any one.

Actually, that's not entirely true. The black socks are moving along, due strictly to sheer determination to get them over and done with. I am through the gusset on the first sock, and now that only half the sock is in ribbing, I think they will move a little faster. I have no real deadline for these socks, but obviously I want to finish them as quickly as I can. It would be nice to get them to my father-in-law while we're still in the middle of winter, though; he works as a school crossing guard and needs everything he can possibly use to keep warm while he's outside for several hours every day.

My cowl now has two full colorwork repeats done and I've started on the third. This time around, I'm only working four plain rounds between the stranded sections (the original has about 20 rounds between), so there's a lot of colorwork happening. That keeps things interesting but it also means I have to pay attention, so it's not as fast as some other projects.

I have only spent one evening this week thus far on my First Point of Libra, and that was the evening I cast it on. I am working on the vertical strip that has stripes of each of the colors in the gradient and have done exactly one and a half stripes. It doesn't look like much, to be honest.

This is probably the easiest knitting I have going at the moment. It's garter stitch, and the only things I have to remember to do on each row are to slip the last stitch and click my row counter. It will be a great project for my Saturday afternoon knitting at my LYS, as it's something I can knit while chatting without much fear of messing up.

My sweater, I must admit, has not been touched since the weekend. However, I had made decent progress at that point -- I think the last time I measured the body, I was a touch more than halfway to the required measurement of 14 inches from the underarm. I am a bit concerned that it will no longer be cold enough to wear this sweater by the time I finish it, though I suppose in that case I will put it away to wear on the first chilly day in the fall.

So now you understand my dilemma. I am enjoying all of these knits (well, maybe not the socks, but I'd like to get them done), so it's hard to pick just one to work on. I suppose this is why sometimes I don't knit at all but spin instead!

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