Sunday, January 29, 2017

An Ode to Neon

I am simply besotted with my current spin. I'm not sure if it's the fiber, the colors, or the combination of the two elements, but I am finding every moment of spinning it to be a pleasure. It's Targhee from FatCatKnits in a very bright colorway called Juicy Fruit, though it reminds me of highlighters.

The only two colors in the fiber are the pink and yellow, but I am getting a lovely peachy shade where the two mix together.

I'm also really enjoying spinning with the Akerworks bobbin. I had thought that my Lendrum was getting noisy and developing a shimmy, but it seems to be the WooLee Winder that was at fault because spinning with this bobbin is smooth and even, and I'm only occasionally getting a soft clicking noise from my treadles.

Meanwhile, the skein I finished up last week has been washed and dried, and it's just about perfect.

It hardly changed at all in the finishing, so it's a good fingering weight three ply that's just a bit more than 447 yards. I was hoping for a bit more yardage, but I spun using a worsted technique, so the yarn is probably a bit dense. I'm planning to pair it with the yarn in progress, and I think the neon colors will stand out well against the background of this natural cream.

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  1. I love those bright colors! And, I think your plan is perfect - it will pair nicely with that beautiful neutral.