Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tonight, Tonight

You see this shawl, this shawl here?

This sucker is getting done tonight! I knit like a madwoman last night, and as a result, I have exactly one row left to knit before I bind off. My plan is to do that immediately after dinner, weave in my ends, and then toss it in the bathtub to soak so I can pin it out and let it dry overnight. I've got the pattern just about ready to go, and my tech editor is ready to receive it, so there's just some final measurements and photos left to do before I can stick a fork in this one and call it done!

As of right now, other than some design swatching, the only other thing on my needles is my Desert Vista Dyeworks sock, which hasn't seen much action since last weekend.

I've only just started the heel flap (I'm maybe two rows in), so it's looking very likely that these will be coming with me to Nashville next weekend.

Once I've got the shawl situation squared away, my plan is to spend the rest of the evening (and likely the rest of the evenings this week) at my wheel, trying to make a dent in my Tour de Fleece spinning. Although I didn't set any specific goals, I'm feeling a bit like a slacker due to the fact that I might only finish up one measly skein of handspun the whole time. So I feel like I need to up my gear this week and really focus on the spins in progress.

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