Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Bit of an Overestimation

I think when I predicted I'd be plying my gradient yarn this weekend, I forgot that I was spinning a total of 6 oz. of fiber rather than the usual 4. So I'm not quite there yet -- but I am getting close!

I'm now spinning the final bit of fiber for the final bobbin. You'll notice that I am using all of my Akerworks bobbins for this spin; the one on the wheel is the one I bought at SSK. I had intended to get a WooLee Winder bobbin, and the label said that's what it was, but I think it must've been mislabeled because it does not have the WW gear at the end. No big deal -- this one is certainly coming in handy, and I can always order a WW bobbin online. I will say that having these colorful bobbins makes spinning all that more fun, especially when the fiber is fairly monochrome as this fiber has been.

I'm hoping to finish up these singles this evening and then start plying tomorrow. I'm taking off the next two days to take Rainbow to the dentist and her first day of school, and I've got an eye doctor appointment on Tuesday morning, which means I will likely be useless for the rest of that day -- and spinning is the perfect thing when your eyes can't focus enough to read a knitting pattern!

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  1. Beautiful spinning! Have an awesome week!