Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Yarn Bought on Vacation Doesn't Count as Stash, Right?

I am posting today from my vacation on Cape Cod, where unfortunately it's gotten quite overcast and looks like it might rain a bit later (not that I mind -- it's the perfect excuse to sit and knit). We have been having a fun but busy week so far, with a fair amount of time spent outside and even more time spent eating. We spent yesterday afternoon in Chatham, one of our favorite towns, and I took the opportunity to check out an LYS there. It turned out to be a lot farther from the main business district than I thought, and I was convinced Rainbow was going to kill me after I made her walk that far, but it was definitely worth it. The shop is called A Great Yarn, and it's a very fitting name -- they have quite the selection crammed into a fairly small space!

Just one part of the shop, the beautiful Madelinetosh section

I could have bought so many skeins in this charming shop, but I kept telling myself that I could get many of the yarns I was admiring online rather easily, so I limited myself to just a few selections that are (relatively speaking) local yarns.

On the left is HauteKnitYarn Jimmy Sock in the colorway Finest Hours, an exclusive colorway to the shop. The other two skeins are Swans Island Organic Washable Sport in Pewter and Magenta, destined to be something with some stranded colorwork.

Now that some more yarn has come into the stash, I'm trying my best to get some more yarn out of it, especially considering that this is the last week of Stash Dash. I brought two projects with me, with the hope of finishing them both up by the end of the weekend. My Driftwood Tee is approximately 75% done, I think; I've just started the sleeve shaping for the front.

Please forgive the wrinkles; this has been shoved in my project bag repeatedly.

If I do manage to finish up the front before we leave, I can tell you definitively that I will not even attempt to try blocking before I seam it -- it has been surprisingly humid here, and the house we're staying in feels perpetually damp. If I finish the knitting, I'll seam and do the neckline and then block it when it's all done.

I've also been working on a pair of socks, which of course are perfect for when we're in the car or waiting at a restaurant.

I'm a bit more than two inches away from starting the toe on this one, so I think things are looking good for a finished pair by the end of the coming weekend. I think if I can finish up this pair of socks and the tee, I should be good to meet my 10K Stash Dash goal. So with that said, I should probably get back to my knitting!


  1. Okay, I had to laugh at this—I also bought two skeins of Swan's Island yarn on vacation several years ago...in Pewter and Magenta. They became a little colorwork cat sweater that I never got around to writing up as a pattern (you can see it on my Rav project page if you're curious). Luscious yarn, though!

  2. I love this! LOL No... it absolutely does not! Souvenir yarn? Yes? lol I am glad you are having a great time! Stay safe!!