Sunday, October 01, 2017

Spinzilla Pregaming

Spinzilla officially kicks off at midnight tonight (or, rather, tomorrow morning), but as I have to be up early to go to work in the morning, I won't be staying up late to start. But I am prepared. I spent most of my free time this weekend spinning up the remainder of the batts I received in the class I took with Jillian Moreno at SSK. Amazingly I managed to get all the singles onto one bobbin:

I plied everything in two plying sessions today, and the skein is now hanging to dry in the upstairs bathroom. Here's what it looked like before washing:

The colors aren't quite accurate here (that's what happens when you wait until almost 5 p.m. to take a photo), but at least you can get a sense of the variation. The blue was spun from the smoothest batt, and it's probably the thinnest yarn in the skein, but overall it looks to be in the neighborhood of sport to DK. I estimate that I should get about 300 yards once it's dry.

My wheel is now all ready for Spinzilla spinning, which I'll start tomorrow evening. In the meantime, I've got a spindle project lined up to take to work.

This will be the inaugural spin on my Turkish from Subterranean Woodworks that I bought at SSK. The fiber is some deep stash that someone gave me a number of years ago, some BFL from Frabjous Fibers. I have no idea how long it was in that person's stash, but regardless, the fiber was pretty compacted, so I took some time this afternoon to split up the fiber and predraft it a bit. Predrafting is not something I've really done since I first started spinning, but this fiber really needed it. Now I've got a bunch of fluffy little nests to spin. I can't wait to get this spin started!

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